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Forum Rules

3DTrains.com Forum Etiquette The basic rules of conduct here at 3DTrains.com are as follows (includes private messaging (PM) system):
  • Be respectful to your fellow forum guests.
  • If you can't post a constructive comment, then don't bother posting. "Flame baiting" will not be tolerated.
  • Use of offensive or derogatory language is prohibited.
  • Offensive user names are prohibited.
  • Posting links to sites or images that are of an offensive nature are prohibited.
  • Please use the PM system to directly contact members.
  • Signatures are limited to three (3) lines, and must conform to the basic forum rules of conduct and respect.
  • Images used in signatures must be railroad-related, not be offensive or controversial (ie: "I hate XYZ railroad" or "I hate XYZ company").
  • Images used in signatures must be no larger than 450 pixels wide x 120 pixels high.
  • Posting of off-topic subjects must be made in the Sidetracked forum, and are subject to additional rules (see Sidetracked section below).
  • Posts comparing products from one vendor to another are prohibited.
  • Posts comparing payware vendor's product and a freeware offering are prohibited.
  • Posts complaining about non-3DTrains products are prohibited. - If you have an issue with another vendor, please contact them directly via email. - If you have an issue with one of our products, however, please post in the 3DTrains Support forum.

General Discussion Forum This forum is limited to the general discussion of all train simulators.

Allowable topics:
  • General train simulator information.
  • Train simulator issues and troubleshooting.
  • Helpful tips and tricks.

Screen Shot Forum This forum is for the sharing of train simulator screen captures and prototype photographs.

Allowable topics:
  • Train simulator screen shots.
  • Railroad-related photographs and images (copyrights apply - see below).
  • Screen shots and original photograph scans must be no larger than 800 pixels wide, by 640 pixels high.
    Note: Screens posted by 3DTrains, or by our moderators and beta testers, that feature 3DTrains products are exempt from this rule.
  • Posting of copyrighted photographs from Railimages.com and related sites is prohibited. - You may, however, post a link to the site or directly to the photo, provided the site allows linking to their photo pages. - When in doubt, send an email to the owner of the site.

Sidetracked Forum This area is intended for off-topic posts not directly related to train simulators.

Allowable topics:
  • Prototype railroads.
  • Railfan trip reports.
  • Railroad videos/DVDs.
  • Television shows, TV commercials, and movies containing railroad-related material.
  • Railroad-related web site announcements.
  • Computers and software used to improve the overall train simulator experience.
  • General railroading topics
Note: Off-topic threads not posted in the Sidetracked forum are subject to deletion by the forum moderators.
Commercial Add-ons Forum This area is intended for commercial, non-Strategic Partner, 3rd-Party Train Simulator products.
  • Product must not directly compete with any 3DTrains product.
  • Posting is limited to screen shots with minimal narrative or descriptive captions.
  • Information regarding pricing and/or ordering information is not allowed.
  • Except in user signatures, company logos and/or slogans are not allowed.
  • Displayed images must be off-server (ie: on the vendor's website).
  • Links must be to the main website, and not to the product page itself.
  • Posts may be subject to moderation and/or deletion without warning.
  • Postings are subject to additional guidlines outlined above.
Note: Beta testers for commercial products are to be considered attached to that vendor, and are subject to the above guidelines.