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Tehachapi Expansion: Status Report

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Posted 20 June 2006 - 05:20 PM

The scenery expansion for 3D Train Stuff's Tehachapi Pass II route back on the drawing board and nearing completion! smile.gif

We want to do a bit more to TPII than we had done with Cajon, especially in detailing the areas within the pass. However, instead of spending months waiting for a release, users can purchase and then upgrade the addon once Stage 1 is completed, and elect to update various areas depending on their system specs as the various stages are made available (at no charge). The initial release will be similar to that of the Cajon expansion, that it will be complete, but the user will be presented with additional options to configure the route they way they like. The user can then elect to download additional stages depending on their PC specs - again, at no charge.

The TPII expansion will be presented in the following stages:

Stage 1 (approximate realease date: July 1)
  • ScaleRail (shaped concrete ties as option)
  • New terrain textures
  • Options for Spring green or Summer yellow grass terrain
  • New tree textures
  • New cars and trucks
  • New bridge at Rowen and updated Loop Ranch
  • Corrected tunnels
  • New orange groves near Caliente
  • Low, medium and high detail track and texture options
  • Updated sky environments
Stage 2
  • Super detail various areas between Caliente and the ranch at Walong
Stage 3
  • Super detail between Walong and Tehachapi
Stage 4
  • Super detail areas between Tehachapi and Monolith
Stage 5
  • Super detail area between Caliente and Bakersfield
The Cajon Pass expansion will undergo a similar treatment in regard to optional configurations. With some exceptions, certain areas on Cajon will undergo a major face-lift, including the areas between San Bernardino and Cajon Pass, and Barstow will have some minor tweaks here and there as well. Project will begin in mid-July.

On other expansion notes - we've got a couple of other expansion addons going to beta soon, so keep your eyes peeled for news and screen shots. smile.gif