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#1 atsf37l


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Posted 17 June 2004 - 11:34 PM

WOW! What an incredible route. Great job, Andre. I have only had an opportunity to run one little explore hop from Beaver to Seligman but the detail and the beauty on that run is incredible.

I see many enjoyable hours working on the North Arkansas. You've done us proud, my friend.

Back when my dad owned a small farm south of West Plains, Mo, I planned a railroad of this vintage running between the West Plains mainline of (I beleive) the Frisco and the northern part of Arkansas, passing through the little hamlets south of West Plains. I spent many hours imagining a line, very much like the StL&NA.

This is going to be fun!


#2 laming


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Posted 18 June 2004 - 09:49 AM

Thank you kind sir. blush.gif

I hope you have many, many hours of enjoyment on the North Arkansas.


#3 Shaa



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Posted 19 June 2004 - 06:24 PM


Just want to add my thanks for this beautiful route. And for anyone who hasn't read the manual yet do so. My experience with steam is limited and I was having some umm....shall we say issues blink.gif ....mostly dealing with brakes and sure enough a little info on these engines and now I'm slowly getting the hang of it. And thanks to the glossary those messages finally make some sense wink.gif

I've done the first 4 activities and I luv the way you set them up....who says you need signals biggrin.gif


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Posted 19 June 2004 - 06:42 PM


Ya'll done gone an gettin' me all in a tizz to start on' a'nuthern now.



I was amazed at what I could do WITHOUT signals. Never thought it possible.

One thing I wanted to retain was the feeling of Train Orders during the activities.

I've not seen a route that uses buried signals to move trains that was supposed to represent a train order route, but I had a feeling that it would detract from the atmosphere I hoped to create with the activities. That is, with buried signals, seems you could simply draw up the F4 key and see yellow/red signals way down the tracks. I was wanting the feeling of simply relying upon a few written words to get your train safely over the road.

Glad you're having fun!! Hope you enjoy running trains all evening.

Me? I'm using my evening to try to get further laying the groundwork for the "next one". smile.gif


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Posted 20 June 2004 - 07:28 PM

Mr. Ming......please allow me to join in the accolades. I bow to you in acknowlegedment of your superlative effort on this route. I have been running up and down the North Arkansas rails for the last few days and smiles and chuckles just keep bubbling out of me. It is almost like being a little kid at Christmas biggrin.gif

I am relatively new to MSTS and have been a "Cantonite" since shortly after having loaded the sim. I have been keeping my eyes open for something to satisfy the desire for a neat steam route and I watched with mounting interest as the run up to the St. Louis & North Arkansas release gathered steam. Prior to the SL&NA my steam experience was at best a rather pathetic example of the Hoggers art blush.gif

I read the manual through once which brought me to a rather heightened state of excitement. Hmmm, get your minds out of the gutter.....what I mean is that I was really ready to fire it up and get this show on the road tongue.gif
I then went back to the Train Handling section and jumped into the cab of ole #3 and lo and behold you had me on my way and handling that hog like I almost knew what I was doing. I have become a veritable virtuoso on the Loud Handle and Johnson Bar.......or at least I puff my chest out and move them about a bit to act like I am earning my keep smile.gif

The brakes on the other hand are another story. I must say however, that I am rather proficient at stopping almost anywhere.....except where I intend too. My favorite seems to be to stop a train length away from anything and then sneak up on 'em. I have even been known to stop out in the middle of nowhere for no good reason....or for any reason that is fathomable to anyone rolleyes.gif

Now I hate to think that Rich Garber might read this and get bummed, but.....as fun as it is to blow the horn at all of his Canton crossings.........I am having even more fun jumping the deer along the right of way with the steam whistle biggrin.gif

There is only one problem that concerns me at this point. I have seen nothing said of it yet. It may become a mute point as I spend more time on the route find out more about the environs and meet more of the local folk. A fellow works up a mighty thirst you see in a hot cab. I need to know where a parched fellow might find a fine tall cool Sarsaparilla on this road. There wouldn't perchance even be a Sarsaparilla Pineapple emporium along the way would there?!!

When it comes to this route sir, all I can say is, "well ain't _it_ the berries!"

Thanks a bunch, having a lot of fun,