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I Been A' Thinkin'... 5/21/11

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#1 laming


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Posted 21 May 2011 - 12:48 PM

Me "thinking": THAT'S a dangerous situation, for sure!


While I've been putzing around when I can with this aging computer, moving stuff, etc, etc... I been a thinkin' about my MSTS route projects I've got goin'.

As I did... I had a BRILLIANT idea about the lack of power/rolling stock for my Frisco Lines obsession. (Though admittedly, with the pain in the patootey this computer has been, the continued bad weather-induced lengthy power/connectivity outages, and with SOME good riding weather presenting itself... I ain't done much MSTS stuff of late.)

IF you're recall, I was aiming at the "1900's" for the Frisco Lines... and leaning more toward the early 1900's instead of the later. Of course, doing ANY prototype route in a defined era WILL introduce "anachronistic dilemmas"... and my Frisco Lines conglomerate is not immune to such, either. Oh well... of such is life... or routes.

However, I digress... here's my BRILLIANT IDEA:

WHAT if I simply say that the Frisco Lines is during the transistion years (approximately 1899-1900) between link n' pin and automatic (knuckle) couplers? Doing this means I can now access equipment for repainting from the following:

* The Ozark Northern
* The CM Pack
* Some of the North Arkansas Pack

Granted, some of the resulting equipment wouldn't be sure 'nuf AUTHENTIC... but could certainly stand-in effectively until ACCURATE replacements magically "materialize" from "somewhere". biggrin.gif Plus, you'll have to "assume" that the knuckle equipment has the slotted knuckle in place to mate with link n' pin. IF you can also deal with that... then you would be good to go.

As for distribution, I would likely give the repaints away to those that have purchased the various products containing the source files. Example: If the engine or rollingstock piece comes from the Ozark Northern equipment... then it/they would be released as a bonus pack for Ozark Northern customers... and the Ozark Northern password would work. Same with the CM and StLNA equipment. Ain't that beautiful?

What'cha think 'bout that idea, sports fans??

BUT... (and it's a big butt... I mean but)...

We leave for Chama, Silverton... Leadville (maybe)... Florissant (maybe)... and perhaps other CM areas next Saturday. You know that this COULD mean??????

It COULD mean that when I return I'll be all fired up to further a Colorado route... CM perhaps???

Ah, the fun of living life!

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Posted 21 May 2011 - 05:15 PM

You won't get any arguments outta me. Go for it. tongue.gif

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Posted 22 May 2011 - 09:27 AM

Dear Andre,

I think it sounds like a great trip. Leadville is a unique town with a lot of worker's houses. I didn't investigate the smelter area as I was mainly just driving through.

I have a question, did the CM go to Colorado Springs? I stopped for gas at a very lonely gas station west of Colorado Springs and saw what looked like a railroad berm that was very overgrown. The station owner confirmed that it had been a railroad line in the past.

Yours truly,

#4 laming


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Posted 22 May 2011 - 11:14 AM


Well... "one of these days" when things slow up... I hope to try a repaint on a couple or so, and see how it turns out.


Indeed it ran west of Colorado Springs. In Colorado Springs proper, the CM utilized the facilities of the ATSF.

Bear in mind, though, that west of Colorado Springs, there were TWO roadbeds: That of the CM and the D&RG. The D&RG pretty much paralleled the CM all the way to Manitou Springs. From there, any roadbed would be the CM.