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Posted 04 May 2010 - 02:43 PM

Hi !
Anybody can help me this,i'm stuck with the distance mountains .I have all Demex files (Registered).
Also have the forum how do I use the seamless server.
All this is clear and problems,I have Mark Nelson complete explonation and have no problem with this,
where the problems is the way the Distance Mountain is done with the Distance Mountain quad treis done.
Is anybody please give me a step by step way to this HOW????,with the new DM Buffer but if never comes out right,what I'm doing wrong.
I working on a route in Alaska from Seward AK.- Faibanks AK .
Distance Mountains is here a must to have!
I have no problem with the USGS.org the dem map working fine.
Again the problem is the way the step by step.HOW??
Please help me with this,I'm new into this and have lot to learn.
Also excuse my bad grammer.
I'm stuck on my computer since I had a stroke 1 year ago and walk.

I can give also my E-MAIL [Admin Edit: removed email link].
P.S. Mark Nelson maybe remember me with the problems i had to download files from 3DTrains.\

Thank you in advance and please help!

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Posted 04 May 2010 - 05:25 PM


Never, never print your email address in plain text in a publicly accessable forum!!

You're just inviting the SPAMers bots to add your email address to their lists.

That's why you so often see addresses like abc at def dot com although the bots are always getting smarter and can probably convert simple disguises like that. One that still works but is not simple is a graphic of your address that you include as a picture in a posting.


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Posted 04 May 2010 - 08:13 PM

The exact method for creating the Distant Mount terrain is contained in the Demex HTML help file. I would copy it for you here, except I don't have Demex installed on this PC.


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Posted 06 May 2010 - 04:23 AM

Here's the tutorial for creating DM in DEMEX...

Distant Mountain Terrain Menu

DEMEX supports creation of Distant Mountain terrain for MSTS. Many more steps are required to create working Distant Mountain terrain than for standard terrain, although DEMEX automates many of these steps. This menu contains commands to select and create terrain on Distant Mountain tiles.

The SHOW DISTANT MOUNTAIN TERRAIN TILES item will switch the display of route tiles from Standard Terrain tiles to Distant Mountain Terrain tiles (if any exist). A route must be selected and have Distant Mountain tiles for this to have effect.

The SELECT ALL ROUTE TILES item will select all the Distant Mountain route tiles for terrain generation. Each tile will be shown with a red X on the display.

The DESELECT ALL ROUTE TILES item will deselect all the Distant Mountain route tiles. The tiles will be displayed without the red X's in them - indicating they will not be updated with terrain.


This is a 5 step process to create Distant Mountains on a specific route. DEMEX will aid you to walk through the process.

Before you begin however you must create a temporary route for DEMEX to place the Distant Mountain Tiles in to allow MSTS to create the terrain buffers. You only need one temporary route regardless of the number of routes you create Distant Mountains for. The temporary route must be an empty route without any terrain tiles. Run the MSTS Route Geometry Extractor (RGE) and select the New Route menu item from the File menu. You may give the route any name you wish, however it is recommended you name it TEMPORARY so you know what it is for. Select OK to create the route, then exit the RGE. Do not create a quad-tree or any tiles for the route. You only need one temporary route regardless of the number of routes you create Distant Mountains for.

STEP 0- SELECT TEMPORARY ROUTE – This is an optional menu item which will allow you to define a default temporary route you created above for use on all Distant Mountain operations. Once you have selected a temporary route with this option you will no longer be prompted for the temporary route in Steps 3 or 5. To select a different temporary route choose this menu item again and select a new route.

STEP 1- PREPARE THE ROUTE FOR DISTANT MOUNTAINS - Select the PREPARE ROUTE - STEP 1 menu item in DEMEX to prepare the files of the route. You must have previously selected a route from the File menu. DEMEX will create and modify several files in your route's directory. This step only needs to be performed once for each route, no matter how many times you regenerate Distant Mountain terrain on the route.

STEP 2 - CREATE THE LO_TILES FOR ROUTE - Run the MSTS Route Geometry Extractor (RGE), load your route & quadtree, and zoom in on your tiles. The right most icon on the icon-bar (it has a DM and a down arrow on it) will now be enabled. Click this button to bring up the lo_tile quadtree. Note that your existing quadtree will dissapear.

Define terrain tiles for the lo_tiles quadtree to cover your route just as you would normally by dragging a range, right click to 'add all selection tiles' and right click to 'toggle populated state'. Note that the minimum sized tile is 8 times larger than the smallest standard route tile (covering 64 standard route tiles). You should cover an area larger than that encompassed by your route, though there's no point in going larger than what your DEM data covers. From the file menu select the 'save quad-tree' option to save your distant-mountain (DM) quadtree. Note you can swap back and forth between your DM quadtree and the normal quadtree by selecting 'load quad-tree' again from the File menu.

Make sure you are in DM mode by selecting the DM icon, and then from the Edit menu select 'generate flagged tiles' to create the lo_tiles. You may now exit the RGE.

If you didn't exit DEMEX when running the RGE then select the Refresh Route Tiles menu item from the DEMEX File menu to update DEMEX with your new Distant Mountain tiles. Otherwise load the desired DEM and select your route.

STEP 3 - CREATE DISTANT MOUNTAIN TERRAIN - Select the Create Distant Mountain Terrain menu item in DEMEX. A dropdown box will appear to select the temporary route to be used for terrain creation. Select the temporary route you created for terrain buffer creation if you haven’t assigned a default temporary route. Distant Mountain terrain will be generated on all selected route tiles (displayed with a red X) covered by the current DEM data. When complete DEMEX will copy the tiles into your temporary route for creating terrain buffers.

STEP 4 - CREATE TERRAIN BUFFERS - Run the MSTS Route Editor (RE) and open the temporary route you specified in step 3. The RE will generate all the needed terrain buffers for your Distant Mountain tiles. Once the temporary route has completed loading (you'll just see a blank white screen in the display) you can exit the RE.

STEP 5- COPY DISTANT MOUNTAIN TILES BACK TO ROUTE - Select the Copy DM Tiles Back To Route menu item to move your route tiles and their new terrain buffers back to your route. In the drop-down box select the temporary route you choose in step 3 again if you haven’t assigned a default temporary route. When complete your Distant Mountains are ready for viewing in MSTS (note they won't be visible in the Route Editor). Make sure you turn the Distant Mountains option in the MSTS Advanced Display Options on.

You can also bypass all the DEMEX automated steps and generate terrain on Distant Mountain tiles in any directory by selecting the Create Distant Mountain Terrain to Specified Directory . The file selector for choosing the tile directory to be modified will be displayed. Select any file within the directory to begin terrain creation. ALL tiles within the directory will be updated irregardless of which tiles may be selected from the route display. DEMEX will not copy the Distant Mountain tiles to the temporary route or perform any of the perparatory steps.

Alternate Step 3 – Clone DM Terrain from Standard Terrain – This function allows creation of Distant Mountain terrain from a route’s existing standard terrain instead of from DEM data. The normal five step process for creating Distant Mountain terrain must be followed, however substitute this option for the original step 3. The DEMEX tile selection options may be used to control which tiles are updated – DM terrain will only be created on selected Distant Mountain tiles, and only the terrain from selected standard terrain tiles will be cloned. All the standard DEMEX options may be used.


To make updates to previously generated Distant Mountains tiles you only need to repeat steps 3 through 5.

Distant Mountain tiles are currently limited to a single terrain texture, which must be called terrain.ace. You must ensure that you have a terrain.ace file in the TERRTEX and TERRTEX\SNOW folders of your route. If you wish to use a different texture you will need to copy the desired texture ACE file and rename it to terrain.ace. A future update to DEMEX will allow selecting multiple textures for Distant Mountain tiles.

It may appear that the terrain doesn't line up between the regular tiles & the lo_tiles, however this is an artifact of the sampling level. The smallest lo_tile has 24 times greater spacing between elevation points than a standard tile, or almost 200m between points. This results in some terrain features being missed or appearing shifted on the lo_tiles depending on where the elevation points fall. Seeing some hills fade in from the fog is unavoidable, and does occur on the Marias pass route also, although they did a good job of limiting the player's sight distance with vegetation to minimize the effect.

Due to this aliasing process you can occationally see 'sky' between the regular terrain and the DM's where MSTS cuts in the DM terrain but its level is higher than the standard tiles. This can be seen in the stock Kuju routes which use DM's also, though they try to hide it with view blocks. You can try using the Elev Datum Shift option in DEMEX to lower your distant mountain terrain to minimize these seams. Of course if you don't have 2km worth of tiles on each side of the tracks this will happen also.