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One of the first purchases we made at the RailFonts web site, was for the City Of (UP) font. At first glance it might appear that the only way to use these fonts is in their "solid" (single color) form. However, these fonts are quite versatile and only need a few mouse clicks to get them in shape so as to create an accurate set of UP red with black border style fonts.

Although the following tutorial focuses on adding borders to the City Of (UP) font pack, the concept and procedures would be the same with any True Type or Post Script font using Paint Shop Pro (version 6 or above).
Step 1
Step 1 Open Paint Shop Pro and create a new image:

Width: 256
Height: 256
Resolution: 72 pixel / inch
Background: Transparent
Image Type: 16 Million Colors (24 Bit)

Click the OK button when finished.
Step 2
Step 2 From the Color Palette, change the Foreground color to Semi-Black:

R: 32
G: 32
B: 32

Click the OK button when finished, and then change the Background color to Signal Red:

R: 219
G: 67
B: 44

Once again, click the OK button when finished.
Step 3
Step 3 Select the Text tool icon from the Paint Shop Pro Tool Bar, and then click in the center of your new image.
Step 4
Step 4 From the Fonts Name drop-down menu in the Text Entry dialog, select the City Of (UP) font. Click on the 3rd color box (from the left) in the Text effects section. This will ensure your font uses the semi-black foreground color.

Also be sure to select Create As Vector, and check the Antialias checkbox. Use Auto Kern when using whole words.

Click the OK button to return to your new image.
Step 5
To move or center the text in your new image, select the Vector Object Selection tool icon from the Paint Shop Pro Tool Bar.
Step 6
Step 6 Click on the center point (handle) of the text to move it into position.
Step 7
Step 7 With the text still selected, and using the Vector Object Selection tool, right-click on the text to bring up the Text Options Menu. Choose (left-click) Convert Text to Curves > As Single Shape; The font is no longer a font, but instead changed to a vector object.
Step 8
Step 8 Once again, right-click on the text to bring up the Vector Object Options Menu and select Properties.
Step 9
Step 9 From the Vector Properties dialog, change the Style from the default Stroked, to Stroked & Filled, and then click the OK button when finished.
Step 10
Step 10 Select Layer 1 from the Layer Palette (Layer 2 contains the vector font).
Step 11
Step 11 Change the foreground color to UP Armour Yellow:

R: 247
G: 188
B: 55

Click the OK button when finished.
Step 12
Step 12 Select the Flood Fill tool icon from the Paint Shop Pro Tool Bar. Fill the background of your image with the UP Armour Yellow using the Flood Fill tool.
Step 13
You're done! You now have the needed info to do the whole Union Pacific name in a single image or on a skin for MS Train Simulator. Add a bit of weathering, and you'll have a knock paint job you'll be proud of.
Note: For this tutorial we're only using the letter U. This is to ensure we don't compromise the copyrights of the RailFonts font pack.
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