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STL&NA Telegraph Poles

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Posted 15 July 2004 - 09:59 AM

I have my recently received my route from Andre and have it running great after the easy install. The only question I have is I do not see any electric wires strung between the telegraph poles in the explore route and several of the activities I have run.

I wonder if this is normal (I don't think so) or perhaps there's a missing or corrupt file on my end. Everything else performs fine and the missing telegraph wires have no affect on the route operation but thought I would ask the experts anyway. Any ideas/suggestions?

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Posted 15 July 2004 - 10:13 AM

Hi John:

First off, thanks for purchasing the North Arkansas, I hope you have a bucket of fun with it. biggrin.gif

As for wires:

There are no wires between the poles on the StLNA. Wires introduce several things to contend with (alignment issues, for example) that are further complicated when dealing with undulating terrain. Seeing as the typical telegraph pole during that era of the StLNA only had one wire, I felt the minimal visual gain such a wire would offer was not worth the other issues it would introduce.

Plus, frankly, with very, very few exceptions, I'm not impressed with the look of wires in MSTS. I don't like the jagged/ragged look of thin wires, or the fat, heavy look of wires that minimize the jagged effect. Any pixelation is distracting within the sim, and thin wires are some of the worst offenders.

Unless more effective ways of representing wires are developed, I will likely continue to omit them from my modeling. So, given the mixed visual impression wires give me, I would rather conserve the polys/CPU resource wires consume and invest them in more ground detail/etc. smile.gif


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Posted 15 July 2004 - 12:55 PM


Thank you for your prompt reply.

It is a relief to me knowing I setup it up properly. I thought I might have made a mistake somewhere resulting in a problem.

I appreciate you sharing your views with me and I can understand why you decided not to include the wire. It really doesn't take anything away from the splendid manner in which you have so wonderfully captured the STL&NA era and I feel better knowing your reasoning behind the situation.

Case in point, I still see missing wires in the Overhead Catenary of the original NEC3 NE Corridor Route in MSTS and can relate to your description of the jagged/ragged look of the thin wires. I recall in older western movies the bad guys would climb the poles and cut the telegraph wires or shoot the insulator before robbing the train.

Perhaps I was just getting lost in the nostalgia of your route expecting to see a wire on the pole. Come to think of it, a train robbery scenerio might make a little different activity for someone with that kind of creativity. Oh well, I think I'd better quit while I'm ahead.

Thanks again for your courtesies, and yes, I'm already having a bucket of fun with STL&NA.....better make that a barrel instead.