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SD-90s Released

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Posted 28 June 2004 - 08:22 PM

Very well said David. Your comments are well thought out and much better than mine. Perhaps Tim is correct in his assessment of the situation. I hope so anyway. And perhaps it isn't right for me to come on here or on Dekosoft's area and make the comments as I did. I don't do work for either group. But, I feel that I have as much right to question as the person questioning. In other words, I believe it is right for me to question someone who obviously airs their grievances out in public in lieu of using a PM or email to do the same. It only creates this kind of thing when it isn't done that way.
And finally, it is very difficult to be perfect in anything and the statement that SLW is misleading people with their statement about trying to be perfect and get things correctly by using every possible means possible is very wrong. I have the utmost respect for all of the payware and even freeware people and what they do. As an enduser I have seen very little in the way of problems that I felt I need to criticize anyone for their efforts. I know that if there is a problem it will be corrected. It is and always has been as far as I have seen with both Dekosoft and SLW and most others.
So forgive me for stepping in here SLW and perhaps replying to a post that your own members should have replied to. I don't do it to try to gain favor either by the way. I do it because I think it is wrong to criticize and cause or maybe cause SLW or Dekosoft to lose customers based upon a negative comment. It can have that result.
I know all of you here at SLW do your very best in trying to come out with as perfect a model and route as is possible. I know it because I have been around long enough to see it and to know who is doing the work. Sometimes mistakes or things are left out, but I know it is unintentional and will get fixed. If I didn't know it I wouldn't be here stepping in like I do. I perhaps owe Andrew an apology for perhaps misunderstanding his statement Tim, but I don't think I owe anyone an apology for airing out grievances in a post that could dissuade others from purchasing and enjoying a product simply because they read their negative comments here. Intentional or unintentional. This should be a private matter is all I am trying to say.
I certainly wouldn't want this made public, whether I was right or wrong. Business is tough enough as it is without a misunderstood comment hurting it even more. That is all I am trying to say.

Finally, I have the utmost respect for both Dekosoft and SLW. I have seen their work, have purchased their works. I am friends with most of the people at both places and know, for a fact, that they would not try to mislead anyone with a product or try to put out something that wasn't the best product they could deliver. And if there is a problem then I know that they will correct it. Everyone should know that by now.

If Erik or Chip or any other payware folks think I should not butt in then all they have to do is say so. Until then, I will say what is on my mind when I feel someone is being unfair in their judgements of these fine groups and their works. I am a firm believer in fairness and truth. And I have the utmost faith in these groups as well. They have always treated everyone fairly and truthfully, so they have my support and my backing as long as that is happening.

And that is what I have to say to all of that!

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Posted 28 June 2004 - 08:35 PM

I guess that's why we call it a dicussion forum. Obviously you are going to get some good and bad opinions about the subject.

Why is praise the only thing we can express publicly? Why is it that dissenting opinions should be kept quiet and behind closed doors? Shouldn't other people be made aware of the issues?

I do apologize for speculating on SLW's research methods, which I may have made in error. However none of my statements about the ditchlight error have ever been false. I believe I have posted reference material in the past. I'm proud of the differences in Canadian railway equipment and don't like to see it done wrong.

Frankly as a creator for MSTS, I welcome feedback of any kind. It keeps me honest and helps me do a better job on my work. It is the response to the feedback that often causes more problems than the feedback itself. That is where the problem lies at www.train-sim.com

I find it difficult to turn my back on a place that has given us all an opportunity to enjoy this hobby, to share ideas and our creations at no cost to us. A place that has provided every payware developer a place to advertise at no cost to them. I would rather assist in making www.train-sim.com a better place than run off and hide in my own forum.

Where would we be without it?

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Posted 28 June 2004 - 10:27 PM

I gladly accept criticism, however what I do not appreciate is the way the ditchlights have been handled by both you and several others. I don't care if the faults are pointed out in a public forum. What I do care about is when multiple people hound on the same fact that has already been admitted to being wrong, and the said problem is in the process of being fixed.
As Chris said in his prior post about our focus of interest. The core of our group loves steam and early diesel, there were no ditch lights and fire extinquisher stickers on the engines. There were however Mars lights and multiple other light configurations. I had the final say if the SD90s were ready for release. I told Kyle that I did not see anything wrong with the engines. I was looking at several pictures (CEFX, CP and UP) that I personally had taken and did not notice how the ditch lights were placed.

I also admit that Train-Sim has had a large part in the development of this hobby. But for the last year or so the place has been not much more than a place for folks to constantly say gimme gimme, flame someone (usually a Newbie) for asking a question or showing off a repaint that has errors and a place for Trolls to hang out. I used to enjoy going there and seeing what was new and what was going on. Now I only go there when I need to reply to something.

I do not have a problem with you jumping in on these conversations as this is a free place for you to comment whether good or bad on SLW's projects (and the other Co's here).

If there is ever anything posted here that I do not think should be, I can moderate it or ask Marc to do something with it.

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Posted 29 June 2004 - 08:09 PM

First, Andrew, feedback is one thing, but if you read your comments, they sure sound like more than feedback and I don't think you would appreciate that as a creator for MSTS. Please reread your posts again. It doesn't sound like feedback to me. Feedback is a general statement, in this case, that something is wrong. It doesn't get to the extent that you posted. Or at least it did not seem that way to me. Look, Andrew, you cannot tell me as someone who creates for MSTS, that you have never had something put out that didn't have an error to it. And I am sure you corrected it if it was brought to your attention. But if you posted that there was an error and you knew it and were correcting it you certainly wouldn't want someone to come back and dog you about the error again would you? I don't think so.
Listen, I like what I purchase or download from freeware to be right too. Absolutely, and if I find an error and noone mentions there is an error, I always PM or email the person or group about the error. Now, maybe that is just me but I think it is the proper way to do things.

And, I don't recall saying anything to you about TS forum but if I did, then I did. And yes, in the past it was as you say, however, it is not that way now, and unless something is done in the very near future to fix the problems over there then it will continue to have problems. And we aren't running away and hiding over here. We are all out in the open here. We are here, and if you look, there are more and more coming every day from over there to here, because we don't have those kind of problems here and much gets accomplished because of it. See, I know what you think. I can just tell by your posts. You think we all feel like we are the elite over here. Well, you are definitely wrong. I can't speak for others, but I am here because I got tired of the BS over there and all of the problems they were and still are having. I would venture to say that 90 per cent of the rest of the people here are here for the same reason. Look, if you are living in a house that is falling apart, you either fix it or move out. Well, since no one is fixing the house, people are moving to a new one. Simple as that.

Everyone that comes here is welcomed. Everyone can say what they want as long as it doesn't start a flame war. There is nothing elitist about that. And besides, most of the best people are here as well. And I dare say you cannot deny that. And I said most.....not all. But we are working on that! wink.gif You are here. I think you should stick around Andrew. We can use your talents and your knowledge of Canadian trains here. I am certainly a Canadian train fan, always been. I am from Northern Maine originally and always saw Canadian trains hauling through where I lived. So I love them. If you can help get us more Canadian trains here and done correctly then I for one hope you will continue to post here and do just that. I am serious here. There is a huge CP poster on my wall just above my head for that matter. biggrin.gif Stick around Andrew. We are not elitists here. We just like peace and harmony and above all MSTS! smile.gif