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Installing Rolling Stock

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Posted 04 March 2004 - 08:12 AM

This can be very easy or very hard. The main thing is to take YOUR TIME!

The first thing - I disagree with is creating temporary folders to download and unzip things to. This is in many readmes, but I really do not think this is a good thing.

The first thing I did was in window's Explorer was create a new folder, I called mine trainstuff, that I download everything to. This way I know where EVERYTHING is. I also unzip to this folder and redirect all the installers to this folder. I do this so that I can fix the files and make mods to them (mainly the name line). After I am satisfied with them I just drag and drop the folder into the trainset folder.

NEVER, EVER make up you own folder names. use the zip filename or whatever name an inside folder is named. IF you create an activity and upload it with your unique foldernames, no one will be able to use it without extensive editing. It will also prevent you from using activities created by others without editing.

For cabview and sounds, read the alising tutorial in this forum.

If you have XP, you can use notepad, but following the KISS principles, I always use wordpad.

Things I do before I add a eng/car to the trainset folder:
1. Check the damping line - the units should be N/m/s. Most have this wrong - they have it as N/m. After a lot of research, I have deteremined that the correct unit for damping are N/m/s.
2. Coupler break line - They is a huge difference of opinion on the value to use here. I generally use 2.6e6 or 3.6e6. If you correct the damping line, you do not need to raise it any higher.
3. I check the weight and friction lines. In another section of my forum, I have a unicode file with corrected friction values for may different weights. I always replce the one with the car, most are a generic one. Makes a huge difference. I also have replacements for many cars available here.
4. I check the brackets, many wag files have an extra one that prevent the brake section from being read. The extra one is after the light section, count them and if there are 5, you have an extra one, delete one, it does not matter which.
5. I edit the name line. For engines I also put the RR first, type engine, road number, I also add Deko for a Deko engine or something to designate an engine as payware. For wag files, I put type car, RR, and then car number. Many wags do not have a name line, but it is very easy to add one, use an existing one as a template.
6. Once it is in the trainset folder, use Conbuilder to use it in a consist.

Some downloads are ace files only. This is when a person skins payware, they are not permitted to include the s file, and generally do not include the sd and eng\wag files.
to use them (I'll use an eng file for an example):
1. Copy the required files into the folder for the new engine.
2. Open the eng file in Wordpad
3. Do a search for WAGON - all but the s file line MUST BE EXACTLY THE SAME as the file name. Now do the same for engine.
4. Edit the name line for the new engine.
5. Check the s file line to make sure it is correct.
6. exit and save the changes.

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Posted 06 March 2004 - 08:42 AM

Thanks for the tips, Kev. I'm now going back through and redoing all of my folders. This is a pain in the butt as I'm "starting from scratch" but hey, I got nothing else to do for a couple of more weeks while waiting for the knee to heal! smile.gif

The only thing I would add to this would be to also have shape file viewer, load up rolling stock in it, and then take a screenshot of it. Then rename the screenshot as the exact same name as the .eng/.wag file and save it as a .jpg file in the wag/eng folder within the TRAINSET. Now it will show up in Conbuilder when you right-click the name when selecting it from the list. smile.gif