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Memmory Issues

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Posted 25 January 2018 - 12:36 PM

Hi Marc,

I am very experienced in creating quick drives.

Today I've created one starting from Bakersfield (BNSF) including AI-traffic up to Caliente.

As AI consists I used some standard consists from ShermanHill and DonnerPass. Nothing else.


Within my tests I had about 8 trains on the route spawning.


Just leaving Bakersfield is a problem:

Starting on the sidings it's just 2.4x GB. But shortly after the first switch memmory usage rises up to 3 GB. That is the moment when all these detailed buildings are loaded. I had an train starting at Kern. This train makes it nearby impossible to pass as the memmory TS is able to use is reached in most cases.


Today I could just reach Edison. Up to that point memmory never droped below 3.05GB. There I had a dump (no other train visible).


I know it is always a question, what is more important: Nice, detailed assets or lots of trains in scenarios.

One solution would be extra stock for AI-traffic with lowresolution textures. But I don't see such stock for America. 

In my opinion the other possibility would be the maximum reductuction of the texture quality of assets not beeing placed next to the rails.

And according to the buildings, cars and roads in populated areas I see a general memmory problem with your route.


I think we want to drive trains on that phantastic route. I used only 1 + 8 trains, and of all of them I could only see one other train at one time.

And the TS dumped.


I want to say this now and not when it is too late. I hope for your appreciation.




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Posted 25 January 2018 - 04:32 PM

Thanks for the feedback, Kris. :)


While many of the objects are detailed, I believe their texture footprint and overall poly detail is reasonable. Most of the building textures are only a single 256 x 1024 or 256 x 2048, equivalent to either a 512 x 512 or 1024 x 1024 texture respectfully.


One solution that may help is if I reduced the texture sizes on the vehicles, many of which are 2048 x 2048. I'll see about taking a poke at that.




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Posted 27 January 2018 - 03:58 AM

Ok, thank you. Please write a remark whether one of above mentioned thing have been altered. Then I will do a test again.

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