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WIP Altoona Johnstown

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Posted 27 October 2010 - 11:51 AM

WIP: East Altoona to Johnstown
Ned 1/3 arcsecond
RWDecal ( Fantastic program )
Google Earth
Bing maps, birds eye view

Hello fellow rail simmers.

Im trying to make this route in the small free time that i have. Been using cabride footage from the mid 80s along with photos from my own trips and railpictures.net ( great source ). Some areas are pretty close to real life, and some not. Sadly i know nothing of modelling, and i dont have time to learn ....yet :-( The grades on the eastern slope is prototypical along with " the slide". The distance from the tunnel portal to the bridge covering the track at Gallitzin is too short, however i still easily recognize that it is Gallitzin.

As i said, this is my version of the route and some areas are not prototypical ( would love them to be though ) but areas are still easily recognized regardless proto or not. Rose yard sits at a small grade in real life, mine is flat for ease of placement, example track and turnouts. The yard is not prototypical, but close enough....for me. :-) Cresson still has the old bridge covering the main NS tracks but i can still fit a double stack under so i know thats not prototypical . Im hoping that by the time i have completed Johnstown i can turn back and create the branch lines that fan out from Cresson.

While using the cabride, i modelled the view just like what i see in the video. The scenery far from the track do not look good in external views, again, i modelled the route from the cabride mostly . But as i said, as long as i dont stray too far with the various cam views, it looks pretty good.

Railworks world editor is easy to work with, and i recommend anyone who is still hesistant to give it a go ! The only thing i miss from MTS is forest regions. It took me two late evenings to learn the editor, now i can lay track, use RWDecal, google earth, bing maps birds eye view and place scenery pretty accurate and fast !

I have made a youtube video covering some photos and video clips from the route, check it out . Its a small thanks and tribute to the community on the various forums. You guys are always trying to help each other, figure things out, great ! Watch it and remember, its just something i made to say thanks, nothing too serious.... hope you enjoy.... ( the intro turned out pretty good i think ) The stuttering in the video is caused by the capture software, the sim itself is much more smooth, even though it does stutter at times.

The route starts just east of Altoona and as of today i have just passed Cresson. No signals, level crossings or track speed "poles" as of yet. Scenery is done.

Thank you all who participate in making content for Railworks. I hope more people will start using and developing content for Railworks. I still believe there is a bright future for the sim, now that we know the team is still promising patches. RSderek has also confirmed they are working on engine lights, finally ! This has bugged me ever since the first RS version. Sadly, still no confirmation about multiple sound throttle up, argh. !!! I know pikehkr has made "lights" for some units and they are really quite good, thanks Pikehkr ! He also has a tutorial on how to make multiple engines throttle up correctly, havent had time to look at it yet.

Youtube video:

My system is:

Intel E8500 oc 3.7 Ghz
3gb RAM
Two SSD`s
One Raptor
Geforce GTX275

Railworks runs pretty well !

Have a few questions i hope someone can answer.

Does anyone know the gradient between Cresson and Johnstown ? Where does the grade sharpen? I know that as one approach Johnstown the grade stiffens, but how much? Im using google earth height as of now, trying to follow the gradient from the DEM, corresponding with the height in google earth. Thank god i have the cabride as a guide too :-)

Any help is appreciated.

Attached File  Brickyard.jpg   190.63KB   236 downloads

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Cresson engine terminal

Attached File  this3_opt.jpg   160.45KB   209 downloads
Looking down at the slide

Attached File  this10_opt.jpg   147.1KB   150 downloads
Rose yard Altoona

Attached File  this4_opt.jpg   182.54KB   179 downloads
Famous railfanning location

Attached File  this_opt.jpg   120.57KB   170 downloads
Rose yard looking "east"

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Posted 03 November 2010 - 08:20 PM

Your route looks very promising! Have a look at the track charts from the following page. Perhaps one of these will give you an idea of the proper grades:

Conrail Track Charts


#3 maxim



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Posted 10 November 2010 - 06:22 AM

Thanks for the link. Checking it out now.

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Posted 10 November 2010 - 07:21 AM

would love to have that route for download.

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Posted 10 November 2010 - 01:59 PM

Also be sure to check out the Conrail Z-Charts, which contain detailed info on the industries served.


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Posted 19 December 2010 - 08:57 PM

Lots of Conrail related track charts and information here.


Great looking route!