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Aliasing Tutorial

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Posted 08 June 2003 - 07:39 PM

The Guide to Aliasing Sound and Cabviews

Aliasing is great to save room on your hard drive. With aliasing, you do not have to copy the cabview and sound folders into each engine folder.

In here is the simple method to alias cabviews, however this does not work for all cabviews. Pixelating may occur or you get some very strange cabviews. It is best to use an alias cvf file in the cabview folder to do this. This is done in three Sections, aliasing to the default engines, to NALW, to Don Crano's, and other cabs and sound in the Common.cab or Common.snd Folder, and to third party cabs. This is not that hard to do, the main two things are to be exact in you path to the cab you want to alias and make sure the syntax is correct. There has been some difference of opinion on what to use the \, \\, or /. In my experiments I have found the \\ works the best. The \\ also enables the use of higher textures. I have done quite a bit of testing and that is the only way to do it where aliasing will work consistently. When you test in Conbuilder you may get errors for the cabview and/or the sound, but the best way to determine if it works for you is to try it and run MSTS and see if it works for you. In here is the simple method to alias cabviews:

First I create a unicode document in Wordpad. I put all my aliasing cvf and sms lines in it. Then all I have to do is copy and paste. This removes typo's from the process. The easy way is to copy the alias lines from existing files. I organize my sounds on what horn they use and by type of engine. If you have Deko's UP and CSX packs, you have a good start for aliasing. The UP pack is good because it contains AI eng sounds. I have created a hundred or so AI eng files, they can be found in my forum here.


These are the easiest to alias, you have only to change on line in the eng file for the cabview and 2 lines for the sound.

GP38 Cabview and sounds:

To alias to the GP38 cabview you must change the cabview line from:
CabView ( gp38.cvf )
to this:
CabView ( "..\\..\\GP38\\CABVIEW\\gp38.cvf" )

To alias the sounds the lines need to be changed to this:
Sound ( "..\\..\\GP38\\SOUND\\gp38cab.sms" )
Sound ( "..\\..\\GP38\\SOUND\\gp38eng.sms" )

The DASH9 are done the same way:
CabView ( "..\\..\\DASH9\\CABVIEW\\DASH9.cvf" )
Sound ( "..\\..\\DASH9\\SOUND\\D9cab.sms" )
Sound ( "..\\..\\DASH9\\SOUND\\D9eng.sms" )

This can also be done to the new SD402 cabview

SECTION 2 - Don Crano's and NALW

To alias to a cabview or sound that is loaded as a common cab or sound all you have to do is change the cabview to right cvf or sms. For this example I will use the NALW GP38 cab and the NALW GP40 sounds. Many NALW and Don Crano's engines include a cvf alias file. This can be copied into the cabciew folder(my preference) or aliased to from the eng file to its location in the common cab folder.

Change the cabview line to look like this:
CabView ( "..\\..\\Commom.cab\\GP38\\gp38JP.cvf" )

Change the sms lines to look like this:
Sound ( "..\\..\\Common.snd\\EMD_GP40\\gp40cab.sms" )
Sound ( "..\\..\\Common.snd\\EMD_GP40\\gp40eng.sms" )

To use this for other cabs and sound use the same line EXCEPT change the path to the correct cvf and sms files.

Section 3

To alias to a commercial addon you can use the same cvf and sms line in the eng file. You just need to have the correct path to it. If the cabview is not working correctly you need to create an cvf alias file. I would recommend getting one of NALW cabview packages have one that can be used to create the one that you need. Just follow the format.

For Dekosoft engines, I just copy the cabview folder from one engine and place it the new one.

If after you do a couple and verify that they do work you can delete the cabview and sound folders from the aliased engines.

Note: I will be reworking this one day and I'll post the updated one when it is done.

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Posted 17 January 2004 - 09:21 AM

Thank's Kevan,
For the sound (ha) advice, I envy you for your knoledge and experience and quick reply.
Respectfully Chivofeo