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#41 moose49



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Posted 24 January 2007 - 05:16 PM

And how about some sd and gp 7's and 9's high hood for the B&O and PA's and F's for the UP ? biggrin.gif

#42 cr-stagg



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Posted 24 January 2007 - 05:53 PM

QUOTE(moose49 @ Jan 24 2007, 5:57 PM)  

And how about some sd and gp 7's and 9's high hood for the B&O and PA's and F's for the UP ? biggrin.gif

UP PAs & FAs were bonuses with the EL Pack from VSC/BLW.

#43 steamed



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Posted 24 January 2007 - 06:25 PM

Can we have the opportunity to purchase the O.N. as soon as the route editor work is done, and wait on the activities for later ? I would like to get my paws on it ASAP.

As for the Frisco, I think your idea of releasing it in segments ( as canton was released ) is a win/win situation for everyone.

Just as you are glad to receive encouragement from potential consumers, I am glad to here there is still interest in developing new products for MSTS-1.

#44 moose49



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Posted 24 January 2007 - 08:04 PM

QUOTE(cr-stagg @ Jan 24 2007, 9:34 PM)  

UP PAs & FAs were bonuses with the EL Pack from VSC/BLW.

I only got the FA's in my bonus pack! huh.gif huh.gif

#45 Ed Sand

Ed Sand

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Posted 24 January 2007 - 11:28 PM

"UP PAs & FAs were bonuses with the EL Pack from VSC/BLW."

Whoa there! I didn't know that. Guess I know what I'll be spending my pennies on here in a couple of days.

Now all I need is a nice UP route to run them on.

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Posted 25 January 2007 - 03:41 AM

Sorry Guys but the PA UP is not complete but near finish

About FA UP just need to update for fit with the EL update coming soon, back to you Friday or Saturday


QUOTE(moose49 @ Jan 24 2007, 6:45 PM)  

I only got the FA's in my bonus pack! huh.gif huh.gif

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Posted 25 January 2007 - 06:22 AM

As with many others out there i have invested to much time and money in the current sim, couple that with MSTS bin and i do not forsee me dumping MSTS1 in favour of MSTS2, I may put the new one on alongside when it has matured but i am here for the long haul with the current king, i do not think however good that the new version is (if it ever hits the shelves) that it can make many of the recent offereings from the various payware companies look any better than they already do, after all realistic has only one definition.

The only reason i have not purchased Gaetan's last couple of packs is because there are no prototypical routes to run them on, Frisco well thats different, that is a Road that has been largely ignored by the payware boys along with the DRGW outside of Marcs F units ad a couple from DW.

So i see no reason from reading these posts to pronounce MSTS dead, hell its not even middle aged yet

#48 milepost56



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Posted 25 January 2007 - 06:02 PM

QUOTE(akajim @ Jan 23 2007, 8:12 PM)  

As a footnote, I (and probably a few others) would like to see some CNW, Rock Island and Milwaukee Road packs; to name a few. Am I right Kevin & Sean???
cool.gif Ron K of Rockford

P.S Hey Kev, where'd ya get the neat CNW Heritage shot; as if I didn't know!

Couldn't agree with you more Ron, not to mention Andres soft spot for the Rock one can only hope wink.gif

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Posted 26 January 2007 - 06:56 PM

I think I messed up my reply, well here it is.

I have resorted to buying German routes, only because there weren't enough new North American routes to keep me busy! I typically run each activity one time and then I am done with it. Andre, your routes have always come with pleny of activities so I feel the value for me is outstanding. I look forward to more. (oh and the price is reasonable so it makes the purchase a 'gimmie'.)

On equipment packs, I have purchased very few. I would be more interested in them if they came with a stack of activities. Sure I have swapped out equipment and run some activites, but that is really a relatively rare event. I therefore don't get the same 'value' out of a straight equipment pack that I do out of an activity pack or a new route. Now, if you would include some activities with the equipment packs, it would be hard for me to pass up. I DO NOT like to make activities. I have only made one. ever. (not including switch list generator, which I love, but believe it or not have not used very extensively either).

Bottom line for me. If the routes are there, I will buy them for MSTS 1. If equipment packs help me get more out of a route by including activities, I will buy them. In fact, I would be happy to buy activity packs alone.

As to the vaporware products, well they are of no value to me now are they? When they first come out, they will most certainly be above my price point, so I don't even expect to start using them until they have been around for a year anyway to pay what I am willing to pay. (cheap old crumudgeon that I am). If there were a new sim today, I would continue to buy all the routes for MSTS 1 that I could to keep me busy until the price on the new sim becomes reasonable. There are plenty of routes available from europe that I don't have yet, so maybe even 2 years! and that assumes not one more MSTS 1 route is made from today forward.

#50 westswitch


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Posted 27 January 2007 - 08:57 AM

well to start with I still run Athrean "fat hood" GP9s and GP35s on my HO layout because I
like them

I stick with what I like

I like MSTS

"IF" MSTS-X should actually hit the rails I will use it in addition to MSTS not instead of it

I plan to buy more routes and locos as soon as christmas is paid for

my two cents worth

#51 mmartin51



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Posted 03 February 2007 - 12:39 AM

I'll be running MSTS for a long time to come. I, too, have enough invested in routes, rolling stock, ect that if I even thought about starting over "She Who MUST Be Obeyed" would kill me. And thanks to the BIN project, MSTS looks like a new sim anyway.

Keep the stuff coming, Andre. I'll keep buying.

#52 engineerzach



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Posted 03 February 2007 - 05:39 PM

i'm saving up money to buy the CM pack and the ON route, the NYS&W pack, the B&O pack, the LH&N pack and the WM pack from BLW. i'm not getting my hopes up about MSTS 2 until i can read more about it. but even then i'll continue to buy add ons for msts...

#53 ozace50


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Posted 03 February 2007 - 10:35 PM

I can see my self using MSTS 1 for a few years yet. That is for all the reasons mentioned above + the fact that I suspect that MSTS 2 will need a computer with a high level of specs - and I won't be replacing or upgrading my computer for a few years yet.

So I'll still be buying good routes (and your are among the best around!!) for MSTS 1. Like others, I do not have the time / skill / whatever to make activities, so I too would buy good activity packages.

#54 jbshay


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Posted 04 February 2007 - 12:20 AM

I'll be running MSTS1 for a long time as well. As for the new version, undecided. As Microsoft is probably starting from scratch (because of the break with Kuju) you have to wonder if MSTS2 will be backwards compatible. I'm not counting on it, I mean think about it - one program that could run two different codes? So then we're back to an empty database and have to wait for guys like Andre to learn the new editing tools to create new routes, cars, locos, etc. In other words, in four or five years, we'll be right back to where we are now.

I will keep adding to my current MSTS collection as funds allow and besides, with all that eye candy out there, I don't think I can convince myself to pass up something just because "there's a new train comin'"

And just because many have a wait and see attitude doesn't mean we should just sit back and watch. Microsoft has asked for our feedback and now's the time to tell them what has been learned over the last 5+ years, good and bad. Hopefully they've got a team that has been cruisin' the forums to do a little research on their own, but I wouldn't take it for granted. Just look at it as something we owe the next generation of the greatest railroad hobby of all - V Scale (pun intended)